Another Death In The Family

I Just learned through the grapewine that my Mean, Violent, Control Freak of a stepdad has died, he was the one that sent my mom to the hospital a few months back, it would be a lie if I said it made me sad, he was a wolf in sheeps clothing when he entered the family, now the thing to know is he was a old sailor, he was a ships cook for many years up until he went 90% blind.

In the beginning he seemed okay, he was noce to all of use but then the information started coming in from various sources, his ex wife contacted my mom recommending she got the hell out of there while she could, apparently he had tried to murder her, of course my mom didnt believe it, at least not until she found various medication for skizofrenia and other not so nice conditions.

At that time I was about to leave Denmark to move to the US and I did, my sister had to deal with him for years, and we always suspected he was hitting my mom but she denied it, then a few months back she was sent to the hospital, he had forced her to take an overdose of his cancer medication as well as beaten her within an inch of her life, even then she went back to him after a few weeks in the hospital.

I am pretty sure there is a special spot reserved for him in Hell, and I be honest I hope it will hurt his rotten soul.

The kicker here is he passed away the same day as my beloved mother inlaw did, I guess both heaven and hell gained a new citizen that day. Now I hope my mom gets some peace and live a long life without him.

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