A Trip Down The River

Yesterday my wife and I went on a boatride on the Indian river Lagoon, next to us there was a old couple seated, they spent the entire ride moaning about they were bored and there were no restroom on the boat etc. Same thing happened the day before, we were at a restaurant, a couple in their 70ties seated next to use was snapping at eachother moaning about everything.

It really touched my wife who just lost her last parent at the age of 66, about 10 years ago her dad passed away at the age of 59, they didnt get very old, so when she see retired people moaning in public she gets really sad, her parents worked hard  and were looking forward to enjoying their retirement but they never got to, why cant we just appreciate what we have in life, why do we always assume that the entire world have to cater to our very wish in life? boy I cant wait to see what happens when the Millennials get old, I think the world might implode, I hope not but it sure looks like it could happen.

Well now excuse me while I go attend the memorial for my dear mother in-law, she never complained, even after 12 years of fighting various deceases.

Enjoy your day and be kind to the people seated next to you because they DO listen to your conversations.


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