My Name Is Brian

I spent the first 30 years of my life in a little town in the Kingdom of Denmark, yeah we call it that, not Country but a Kingdom, if I had told anybody I was movint to the USA back then they would have laughed, as a matter of fact there were people who didnt believe me until AFTER I had already moved.

I am a simple Man, and in my early twenties I had come to terms with the fact that I would remain a bachelor my entire life, I had never dated anyone but then one night in a HTML Chat Room I started talking to a girl, months of chatting turned into daily phone calls which again turned into visits, only problem was that she lived in the USA.

We decided that is should be US, so we began the process of immigrating me to the USA, at the time Americans were so full of themselves, they thought that everybody moving here was only out to abuse the country, I guarantee you had I not met a girl I would never even have considered moving here.

But here I am on the Treasure Coast of Florida a few miles from where my childhood hero/villain the infamous Pirate Blackbeard met his maker, and a few miles from the Bermuda Triangle which was another huge facination to me growing up.

This website is for all the things I feel I have to write down or share.