Hai Blog It’s Me

It has been 9 days since my last confession or is it 8? well it was 4. April, I tol you about how we had to go see my Mother Inlaw at the Cancer center, that Vlog will be out on Saturday so if you want to see what went on you can subscribe to my Youtube channel at Vlogeveryday.com

Now she is finally getting better, they found a bit of Pnemonia in her blood, but the god news is SHE IS ENGRAFTING, yes her white blood cell count is almost doubling on a daiy basis, well there is a long way to go from 0.20 to at least 4500 but it is happening, and so far her body is not rejecting the cells.

My Brother In-Law decided to take a leave of absense to stay with her while she is in the hospital for the next few weeks, this will give my wife a chance to catch up on work, but more important a break from sitting in a hospital room starring at her mom for hours without end, especially when there is nothing she can do other than be there.

Other than that I have been doing a lot of soul searching when it comes to my vlogging, I been doing it for at least the last decade and I can even imagine stopping doing it, but my vlogs have also been kind of choppy and personal, I need to find a nieche of my own and take it more serious, so far I have been turning the camera on whenever I had a topic that fired me up, I made many friends doing this style but let’s face it I would not watch my own vlogs, they are simply too boring and irrelevant.

Got any ideas readers? (What readers Brian?)