Monday Summary

It is Monday and even though I do not have a regular job I have always honored the days of the week, I firmly believe it is a great way to keep sane when you are essentially “Unemployed”, I get excited for the weekend and I dread Mondays just like working folks.

What is on the agenda for this week

My mother inlaw and brother inlaw have testing in Tampa, the Stem Cell transplant is almost here, the next 4 months is going to be high stress, high pressure for all of us here, hopefully at the end of June it will all be behind us and my mother inlaw will again be normal, this beast of a decease was diagnosed back in 2015 but it feels like it have been forever and a day.

Today she goes to get her numbers checked as she do every week, Tomorrow will most likely be blood and/or Platelets transfusion, then she will get a nice infusion of energy and color in her face, which will then deteriating over the next week, she is at a point where the blood she needs have to be special ordered because her body is rejecting it, this is it, if something goes wrong, she get sick or her son the donor get sick they will take her off the schedule and not reschedule the transplant, most likely because she will be too weak once a new time slot opens up.

On the vlogging front, still loving my life, you should join me there, I am keeping everything unlisted on Youtube and embedding it for the public over there, some people ask why? mainly because my vlogs are not for the mass marked, I need my privacy and putting them on only expose me to a tight knit community, which I to be honest is all my Anxiety can handle at the moment, please come join us over there, you find new friends and a lot of entertainment.