Delete it All

Oh the Drama, Oh The Emo, I know you are thngking it but please dont, there is a specific reason I deleted all my social media, and despite what your brain is spinning right now, the reason is not YOU.

As you might know I have a family member who are going into a hard medical time this week, and that is why I decided to get rid of as many distractions as I possible can, we were watching tv last night and all of a sudden I was deeply involved with social media, my dear family member made a comment about what we were watching, and I had no clue what she was talking about, I dont like that, and unfortunately I do not have the disipline to just put it away and restraint myself.

So I made the decition, I was not going to disable, no I was going to downright DELETE all my social media, this does not include vlogging, I still be vloggng, but that is not something I grab for in the middle of spending time with people.

When all this is over, hopefully at the end of June, I will probably make new profiles, and when I do I really hope you will all add me again.

Be Good, and if you can not be good then be BATMAN.