What a Week(end)

So on Saturday my mother inlaw’s PA called and told us that she had a high fever and was kind of out of it, so the wife and I hurried to park the Dogs and hopped in the car and drove the 3 hours to the cancer center.

Well that was horrible, the next 48 hours was a constant battle with fever, shifting diagnosis and my poor Mother In-Law being scared witless for her life, I am telling you, Stem cell Transplant is not for the weak, anyways Sunday she began to stabilize a little bit and they moved her from the PCU (Progressive Care unit) back to a regular room, she was notout of the woods but the tests showed no major disturbance in her body just a few infections in the blood.

These infections would be no big deal to most people, but she does not have a immune system right now, the stem cell transplant are supposed to help building a brand new one for her, but until that happens she will be in constant grave danger from infections.

Anyway we went home yesterday, this morning my wife went back there and shit had hit the fan again, now they are talking pneumonia, fluids in the lungs etc. she has a breathing mask and they are pumping fluids out of her like crazy, she is back this time in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) and is being monitored closely, it is going to be a long battle which will hopefully end in a recovery, my wife are naturally panicking even though a lot of what is going on is perfectly common in cases like this.

Meanwhile my Mother In-Law is keeping up the fight, something I deeply admire in her, even though she is a strong believer of God and Heaven she also wants to stay here n earth so she is not giving up.

My wife goes back tomorrow and my Brother In-Law is there also, so more updates to come, I was making videos about it but I think people get tired of listening to other peoples medican woes.

If you ar eat all willing to help us out we have a GoFund Me for her medical expenses, the URL is https://www.gofundme.com/hope-and-healing-pat039s-mf-fight  Prayers are also welcome, like I said she is very strong in her beliefs in God and last time the prayer group at her church payed she started to get better at that exact time.

Thank you for listening to my complaining I really appreciate it and I will keep interested souls updated here.